Wednesday, 14 April 2010

In Defence of the Practical

When you come to this blog, and see the title and the caption underneath, and then read a post about something as practical as doing the dishes, you may be somewhat disappointed.

After all, how can one possibly see beauty in something so practical, and how can one see God in something so everyday?

As a Christian, I find it so easy to segregate my life. I read my Bible and pray, I go to church, and prayer meetings and womens meetings. I read good books and listen to worship music.

But then, I get bogged down in the everyday things of life, like doing dishes and cleaning and cooking and the 101 other things that being a housewife means I do.

But when I am doing these things, am I any less a Christian, or is God any less with me than when I am in church, or reading His word?

For the answer, here are some words of Jesus in Matthew 28 v 20
"And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

Jesus says He will always be with us, no exceptions. That means that He is just as much with me when I am doing something "holy" as when I am doing something really everyday.

Maybe we (and I include myself in that) should stop segregating our lives, and start realising that in a sense, regardless of what we are doing, we are doing it for God. There can be no real distinctions betweeen the holy and the everyday, because they should all be done to the glory of God.

This means that we should be doing everything to the best of our abilities, and by sharing hints and tips, even about very practical issues, we are helping others do their best also.

So I will be doing my best to share in the Works for Me Wednesdays hosted by We are THAT Family, and the Walk With Him Wednesdays hosted by A Holy Experience each week, because I feel that by trying to remember that everything we do is to Gods glory, we really are cultivating the life that God wants for us.

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  1. Yes! I, too, segregate my "holy" life from my secular one -- I too am trying to integrate them better. I hear you on this one!

  2. It it so easy to compartmentalize our spiritual lives.

    Thank you for sharing. Blessings


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